For Clients so far:

Sand and re-varnish a Dining Table top and re-varnish chairs
Clean Air Conditioner Filters (inside)
Clean House, including Bond Clean of House at end of Lease
Clean and Prep B & B for guests
Assist with re-roofing a small shed
Provide technical support/advice for PC issues
Provide technical support/advice for mobile phone/wifi tablet setup
Cleaning of large Corporate Office space



Some things I have done for myself over the years:

Declutter and arrange furniture for optimum space and storage
Paint, interior and exterior (numerous times)
Apply wallpaper
Loose lay secondhand carpet
Loose lay vinyl in rented kitchen
Repair leaking filters in taps
Repair broken shower door
Reseal/reapply silicone around shower base and bath
Apply Blockout privacy film to windows
Fit cupboard doors
Hang a bi-fold wooden door
Hang a concertina folding door
Hang curtains & rails/tracks
Lay tiles
Put up shelves
Sand back, repair and re-varnish various wooden furniture
Pack up and relocate a full house (twice)
Erect flat-pack furniture
Set up laptops, tablets, printers, scanners, phones, etc
Edit photos and videos on PC
Create websites (using free templates)
Create a garden from a bare paddock
Use a whipper snipper and hedge trimmer
Use a small battery chainsaw to prune trees/bushes
Use a ride-on mower
Use a range of electrical tools, drill, dropsaw, etc
Erect a clothesline
Erect a lean-to shed
Erect a shadesail
Set up a pool
Put up a Garden Arch
Gravel paths
Use bricks for decorative path and edging
Garden related activities: weeding, mulching, planting, pruning
Clean, tidy and arrange tool shed for optimum space and storage