June – The month of “getting your accounting done” – sort of!

Well, more accurately:

  • test driving online accounting software Xero (because my workplace had it and it looked good, i.e., simple)
  • uploading all my data
  • working through the steep learning curve
  • finding out the cheapest plan wasn’t going to work for me, and not being able to afford the one that would
  • back to the drawing board – or Google – to find a free one
  • suffering doubt about the quality available
  • trying to decide which one, and getting confused
  • downloading several, testing and discarding them
  • finally, finally finding a free, cloud based software that looks ok and installing it
  • climbing the learning curve again ….
  • procrastinating about putting all my data into another package, again!
  • 2 weeks later ….still procrastinating about the last little bit because my brain has gone to mush and I can’t seem to do what I did the first time, and it’s all too hard!

So, that has basically been June for me.  I still have the delight of July to look forward to, wherein I have to find a tax accountant.  Better get on it I guess.

Oh, and if you’re wondering which program I went with in the end – it was SlickPie.



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