Autumn Clean vs Spring Clean

I like the idea of Autumn Cleaning.   I mean, I understand why some folks want to Spring Clean – literally and figuratively getting rid of the dark and gloom of winter – but for me Spring is the time to be outside enjoying the weather, trying to tame the garden and the rampaging grass of the lawn.  Autumn, on the other hand, is a slowing down of those demands and a time for thinking about the approaching Winter.

For me, Autumn is the time to consider all the “stuff’ I have inside, and to decide if I really want to live with it over Winter!  Most often the answer is, not especially!  So out it goes, in a delicious decluttering of those unneeded items which then get donated to the local Op Shop or Resource/Recycle Shop.  The benefit I get from the lovely clean feeling of tidy cupboards and reclaimed space in my house is indescribable.

Autumn is a time for burning off garden waste, and the smell of smoke on the crisp, cool air is one of my strongest “sense-memory” triggers.  Smoke in Autumn always makes me remember all those times my Hubby and I worked together cleaning up our previous property.  Garden tasks also include pruning off plants that have suffered the first ravages of frost, replanting bulbs that have overrun their space in the garden, topping up the mulch in preparation for the cooler weather. Autumn is a great time for weeding too, as the not-too-dry-not-too-wet soil is just right for pulling them out without too much effort.

So for me, Autumn Cleaning has way more pleasures, subtle though they may be, than than Spring Cleaning.

Here’s to Autumn, a time for consideration, for preparation … because we all know, “Winter is Coming”.



3 thoughts on “Autumn Clean vs Spring Clean

  1. All depends on your viewpoint doesn’t it. I see both sides of the question and yours sounds good. But NO! I’m not about to “Autumn clean”.
    I have a friend who thoroughly cleans one room about every month so that must be called “all season cleaning” I think. We all do it our way in the end don’t we and that is what suits us and our homes and outlooks I guess. Here’s to “cleaning” whenever it happens and the lovely feeling it leaves when finished. Note: Younger people will ask “What’s spring cleaning”?!!!!!!!!!!

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