New Year Compulsions

Each New Year’s Eve finds me weeding out my possessions, spot-cleaning and tidying, moving ornaments and pictures to find a better “home” for them, because I like the idea of starting a new year with a fresh house arrangement – even if it is only a minimal surface change.

Some years I have been know to completely re-arrange the furniture across several rooms, but this year, even though I feel the compulsion, I am resisting, as I think I have finally (after many, many years) achieved the optimal major  furniture layout for my house (small stuff still gets moved whenever the whim takes me).

There’s something about voluntarily surrendering things I don’t need – or want – anymore that gives me a clean, shiny feeling.  I also like the idea that even if I don’t want them, someone else may treasure them in the future (because at some stage I obviously did).  It’s the “circle of stuff”!  (You know:  you buy stuff you like, then one day you don’t like the stuff anymore and you pass it on to the Op Shop in the hope that someone else will like your, now, unloved stuff).

I now have some empty spots in my home just waiting for something “new” to move in, particularly on my kitchen bench, but I’m hanging out for just the “right” thing!

I hope your New Year brought you happy, clean, fresh feelings, and that the year ahead is filled with all good things.


12 thoughts on “New Year Compulsions

  1. I completely get this. The addition, removal or rearrangement of even one item can completely change the tone and feeling of a room or even the entire house. As for the New Year, we’re going to make it a good one, yes?

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  2. Once upon a time I ran a business that was something between real estate agent (I refused to EVER be called that) and house doctor (I didn’t like that label either) and my start point for every single home was the declutter. It was amazing how many people, once they had gone through what is a very emotional and complex psychological process for many, wanted to stay in their homes and no longer wanted to sell. Chapeau to you for this piece of timely advice

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      1. Interesting is one word for it …. I just define it as doing what I needed to at any given time and a healthy dose of being in the right place at the right time!


  3. I love decluttering and clearing spaces. I cleaned our pantry on New Year’s Day, amazing what I found in there! Now it’s so pretty and tidy, I sometimes just open the door to look and admire it. 🙂

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    1. Hi CJ, I am so sorry about not replying or acknowledging your comment, for some reason I didn’t get notified (and I admit to not getting on this blog for a while). I too admire my pantry sometimes after I have had a frenzied cleanup, it can make my heart do a happy little dance just to see the tidiness. (yes, I have strange tendencies).

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    1. Thanks Ruth, Apologies for the late reply, WordPress & email didn’t let me know I had any comments.
      I admit that the “circle of stuff” has been a pretty constant point in my life, and I started teaching my girls about it from a young age. 🙂

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    1. Hope you got it balanced. Sorry for the late reply, but I didn’t get any notifications of comments (and I have been avoiding this blog due to an attack of “what’s the point”- iness.


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