Decluttering – The Way Forward

I have recently had two free sessions with a lovely Business Mentor, called Bec, who specialises in Digital Coaching.  I found it really helpful, however it has also raised some questions about the direction I should take with this fledgling business.

Bec mentioned that is wasn’t quite clear what I did, and that there didn’t seem to be a focus for my business.  We discussed it, and I came to see her point of view when I tried to give a concise description of what my business is about.  The description was all loose, a bit here and there, which made me realise that if I couldn’t explain it in small simple words, what hope had any potential client of understanding what I offered.

Bec asked me what it was about the business that I most wanted to do, what I was passionate about.  Now, passionate is not a word I feel very comfortable using, but I knew the answer straight.


I love it, I live it, it brings me joy.

To make order out of chaos, to find the right place for an item to live fills me with a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

So now my dilemma is how to verbally and digitally rejig the wording of the whole venture to focus on decluttering, yet leave the base support for task & chores assistance.  I still haven’t settled on a description, although I am leaning towards “Life Organiser” because that actually brought up some hits on Google to similar types of businesses, and it IS all about what people type into search engines to find you in the digital world.  However I am still prevaricating as I don’t like the word organiser all that much.

I’ll have to make a decision soon as just knowing I need to is cluttering up my mind, and my fingers are itching to clear the mess up and find it’s new home.


3 thoughts on “Decluttering – The Way Forward

  1. “It’s about time.” Yours and theirs. How you can be the extra time they don’t have. Which is what to say when they as you to define “declutter.” Because they ask you to declutter more than a cabinet full of things past their sell-by date.


    1. Hi Phil, yes, it is all about time. If they have the cash, I can find the time 🙂 However, someones clutter may be another’s treasure, so some guidance and discretion is always needed.


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